26 Winter clothing craft ideas for toddlers

Wondering about winter clothing craft ideas for toddlers! You're in luck! There are plenty of activities for parents and kids to enjoy together, and it's a great chance for the little ones to explore their creative side.

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Winter clothing craft ideas for toddlers

With the cold winter season upon us, it’s important to have some inspiration for kids winter clothing craft ideas. These are sure to keep them busy and offer plenty of time for bonding with a loved one over an arts and crafts project!

In this article we’ll give you some toddler age appropriate winter clothing craft ideas that are perfect for outdoor events, or anytime during the colder months. We’ve looked through some popular options and found something easy enough for preschoolers, or still fun enough for older children.

The 26 Winter clothing craft ideas for toddlers

Winter clothing craft ideas for toddlers

1. Toilet Paper Roll Snowman Craft

Everyone loves a toilet paper roll craft, and this snowman is no exception! It’s quick, easy and with a few extra touches from you it can be very cute. We’ve seen everything from buttons, to felt, to cotton balls and pipe cleaners used for these toilet paper roll crafts.

Using just toilet paper rolls and some paint you can create this cute snowman that your children will be proud of. This is a great activity for winter clothing craft ideas with toddlers as they get to utilize their fine motor skills while working with a bit of paint.

2. Felt Finger Puppets

Finding a simple kid friendly winter clothing craft idea doesn’t have to mean sticking to the basics. Felt finger puppets can be very cute and this easy template can be found on the ‘Kissed by the Moon’ blog.

If your kids are even a little bit imaginative they’ll find plenty of uses for these cute animal puppets, but they will of course make a wonderful addition to their craft box or even their winter clothing collection!

3. Button Snowflake Necklace

This is another great simple craft that will keep kids busy for a time, and you might just save yourself some money in the process. Using old buttons and glue and some parchment paper, you can create this snowflake necklace for your little ones.

You just need to cut out each snowflake shape with a pair of scissors, then press the buttons through them and glue them to a plain piece of parchment paper. Once dry you can attach the button to a length of cord, ribbon or wire and your child can wear their very own snowflake necklace!

4. Penguin Crafts for Kids

Nothing says winter quite like a cute penguin craft, and these little guys make some great accessories for your child. Winter clothing craft ideas can be fun but they don’t have to be time consuming. This quick and easy Penguin craft just needs some cotton balls, paper plates and googly eyes!

We’ve seen this one done before with buttons instead of cotton balls for an added texture, but the original way is always a bit of a hit with toddlers. With a winsome smile on their face they’ll be sure to be pleased with this easy winter clothing craft idea.

5. Coat Rings by Keira Lottie Wilson

As if we didn’t already have enough reasons to make our kids happy, here’s another reason. This winter clothing craft idea is a quick and easy way to help children remember their coats, hats and scarves. After creating these coat rings you can hang them from a hook by their door and your child will know exactly where everything is.

Your kids will be proud of their work, they’ll get plenty of compliments while wearing them around on days when they’re outside playing and they’ll be more likely to actually keep hold of their winter items if they can find them quickly!

6. Colorful Snowman Paper Craft for Kids

You can make this colorful snowman paper craft for kids in a few easy steps. It’s made from a giant paper plate and some popped balloons.

You can also use balloons like this one. You just cut them up into little pieces and blow them up with your mouth or a straw. Next, you stick some of the tiny balloons onto the plate or place them in small cups. Once all the pieces are secured on there you squish up the plate to make it look like holes that snowman is melted through.

7. Paper snowflakes craft for toddlers

We’ve shown you the basic paper snowflakes craft before, but this one is a bit different. It’s called ‘Paint and Play’, and it’s a little more complicated but still easy enough for toddlers to do on their own. We’ve seen it made with felt as well, although that seems to be quite rare. It’s a little more difficult to achieve the same effect with felt. This winter clothing craft idea will make you some really great snowflakes that your children will be proud of.

8. Melted Snowman Candles

These melted snowman candles are a great winter clothing craft idea for kids, and we’ve seen a few very similar versions on Pinterest. All you need to do is find some melted waxed craft sticks and decorate them with a little paint, then stick them into white candles.

Once the wax dries you can simply blow out the flame and drizzle melted wax over the sticks or your child can make 3D snowman prints with something like white glue. Next, you can help your child decorate a mug or vase with little snowmen of their own. This is a winter clothing craft idea that will definitely put a smile on their faces!

9. Easy foam snowman craft for kids

The foam snowman is another great kid friendly winter clothing craft idea. You’ll need a few little trinkets like buttons and googly eyes, but that’s about it. The foam snowman is super easy to make and will definitely put your child in the mood for fun!

We’ve seen this one done with big sheets of foam, so you might have to cut yours down somewhat. This is a great snowman craft for kids to do by themselves, and when it’s finished your child will want to show it off.

10. Snowflake Ornaments

If you’ve got a lot of cloth and some extra time, the snowflake ornament craft is a great way to use up those extra bits and pieces. You can make each ornament from thread, beads or buttons and then decorate them however you like. You could glue them on with fabric glue or use a hot glue gun to attach some felt circles for the eyes.

These are another great winter clothing craft idea for kids who get bored easily. If your child finds a new one they’ll be sure to show you, and if they don’t there’s always next Christmas! They’re absolutely adorable!

11. Simple snowman coloring pages for toddlers

Snowman crafts are a hit with the little ones, and we’ve seen some pretty cute DIY snowman projects all over the web. Most of them, however, require a little more skill than your most basic kindergartner is going to have. These simple snowman coloring pages for toddlers are just what you’re looking for!

You can cut them out and show your children how to color them in or you can show them how to color it themselves – whatever works best for your little ones. The only really difficult part is making the big snowman’s head, but you can do that with scissors as well.

12. Free Printable Winter Snowflake Card

You need to make a card to go with your little presents, and this winter snowflake card is a simple and easy way to do just that! The best part is that it’s totally free, so you can make as many of these cards as you need or want. You can even print a different one for each of your little ones!

13. Winter Clothes Crafts for toddlers

If you’ve got all of these winter clothes craft ideas, there’s no reason not to make all of them. We’ve seen a few of them with felt in place of cotton balls and that looks so much better!

These homemade snowman clothes are sure to be a hit with the little ones, and they’re so easy to make. You can even make some of these clothes yourself, like the ones in this winter clothing craft idea.

14. Christmas Handprint Snowman Craft

As soon as Christmas is over, clothes and ornaments come out of storage and go back inside. This makes it a great time to make a snowman craft like this free printable snowman craft. If you have kids, they’ll love this project and it’s perfect for late winter/early spring.

15. Snowman Christmas Stocking

The holiday season is a great time to make a snowman Christmas stocking for your little ones. There’s nothing that screams big brother like making a little snowman to put in your new Christmas stocking. It will be an adorable addition to any family Christmas tree or as part of the decoration on your own tree.

16. Winter Hat Craft for Toddlers

A winter hat craft for toddlers is a great way to keep your little ones warm and cozy in the winter. It’s especially important if you live somewhere that gets very cold during the colder months! If you’ve got some leftover cotton balls, some yarn and felt, then you’ve got all of the supplies to make this really cute snowman hat.

17. Winter art for toddlers

If your little ones are still the age to be coloring, they’ll love creating all kinds of winter scenes. You can use the white paper and colored pencils to create a winter scene that’s really easy for them to color themselves. If your child can’t draw, you could make this easily with photos.

18. Snowflake Crafts for Toddlers

Snowflake crafts are a really fun way to spend time with your little ones. These snowflake craft projects will have you and your children creating some really beautiful pieces of artwork. Snowflakes are really beautiful, and they’re so easy to make!

19. Snowman Crafts for Toddlers

We absolutely love these snowman crafts for toddlers. They’re great for the winter season, but we think that they can just as easily be used for spring and Christmas crafts as well. They’re simple enough for your little ones to make, but they look like big kid crafts that keep you from having to do all of the hard work.

20. Polar Bear Winter Craft

While the summer season is all about sunshine and sunshine, the winter season is all about snow and snow! This polar bear winter craft will make any child happy, and it’s an easy craft that you can do at home.

21. Winter Glitter Art for Kids

This winter glitter art for kids features some glittered felt which will be a big hit with your little ones. The best part about this craft is that you’ll be able to use your own scraps of felt, but it won’t look like it. It will look like you took a trip to the fabric store and bought everything they had!

22. Reindeer Bag to Make with Toddlers

This reindeer bag to make with toddlers is really easy and really fun to make with your little ones. It’s made out of felt, so you could use scraps or even recycle an old sweater if you wanted to. Felt is a great material for winter crafts for kids, since it’s great for keeping the cold out and it’s warm!

23. Winter Snowman Peg Ornament for Kids

This winter snowman peg ornament for kids is made with a styrofoam ball, and it’s really easy to make. It’s not only a great idea for your own Christmas tree, but you can also use it as a gift topper if you like!

24. Homemade Snowman Bricks

This homemade snowman craft looks like it would take all day, but it’s actually faster than you think. It’s really easy to make, and it’s really cute. Once you’ve made these snowman bricks you can use them for a winter decoration, or even as a snowman costume for your little ones!

25. Snowflake Christmas Ornaments

The holidays are a great time to make Christmas ornaments for your little ones, and this snowflake Christmas ornament is just the thing that you need. Your kids will love trying to make their own snowflakes, and this is a great craft for them to work on with you.

26. Preschool Winter Clothes Craft

This preschool winter clothes craft is great for kids ages 2-6. It’s a simple project, but it’s one that will keep them busy for a little while. You can make the clothes and the hat – which are both very cute – or let your kids help you add the buttons and ties.

Final thoughts

These were all really great winter craft ideas for toddlers, and our little ones loved all of the projects. You can use them for this winter, or you can just make the ones that you have time for. They’re all so cute, so get out there and make some quick and easy DIY crafts!

I hope that you enjoyed these little kids winter crafts ideas – let me know which one was your favorite! I’d love to hear from you in the comments below, and also on my Facebook page. Stay connect with Crowd That’s for more information.


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