10 Overkill Objects for Everyday Life

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Overkill Objects for Everyday Life

We live in an age where innovation is more important than ever. In order to stay relevant and ahead of the curve, companies need to find new ways to impress their customers with every product they release. Sometimes this means adding more features or making something easier to use, but other times it involves taking things that already exist and making them… well… overkill. So, let’s figure out from the following the top 10 overkill objects for everyday life.

The 10 Overkill Objects for Everyday Life

A humidifier that also tells the time and has a built-in flashlight

Let’s say you’re in the middle of a long day and realize that you’re running late. The problem is you have no idea what time it is. You could bring your phone around with you, but then again, if it’s not waterproof or shock-resistant (and most phones aren’t), then it’s advisable to keep them away from water and other hazards.

What if there were an object that could tell the time for you? What if this object also came with a built-in flashlight? What if this object was called ROKU?!

The ROKU is more than just an overkill object because it does all of those things plus so much more! It also has a built-in hygrometer to keep track of temperature and humidity! If these two values reach certain levels (or if there’s too much movement), then the ROKU will turn off automatically so as not to waste energy unnecessarily.

Wireless headphones that you can use as a necklace (they look like buttons)

Wireless headphones that you can use as a necklace

Are you tired of having to wear a shirt with pockets? Do you ever think about how much easier it would be if your headphones were visually indistinguishable from buttons on your shirt? Have you ever wished for wireless headphones that could be worn as necklaces and looked like buttons? Well, soon all your dreams will come true. These wireless headphones look like ordinary buttons, but they can also be used to listen to music and podcasts or take phone calls. They’ll even read audiobooks out loud if someone else wants them too!

It’s never been easier to put on some music while walking around town or simply lounging around the house!

Rechargeable Headlamps

Rechargeable Headlamps

Rechargeable headlamps are the perfect tool for everyday overkill. A rechargeable headlamp is a wearable lamp that can be used in almost any situation, from camping to car repair to walking your dog at night. There are several different types of rechargeable headlamps on the market today:

  • Headlamps with a battery backup – These headlamps have batteries inside the device itself that allow it to function even when there’s no electricity nearby. This type of lamp will often come with its own charger and can be recharged using standard outlets or solar panels.
  • Solar-powered headlamps – These lamps have solar panels built into them so they can charge themselves while they’re being worn in daylight hours (or even indoors). They can then be turned on whenever needed without needing an outlet or external battery pack!

Power Bank for camping

Power Bank for camping

You’ve packed your camping gear and are ready to head out on the open road. But wait! You need a power bank for camping.

You’ll want to make sure your phone is always charged so you can take photos or call for help in case of emergency. You can’t rely on batteries alone, because they don’t last forever and they’re heavy to carry around with you—a rechargeable power bank is a much better option. Power banks are small enough that they won’t add much weight or bulkiness to your bag, but they’ll still allow you to charge your phone many times over before needing another charge themselves (provided that the sun provides the necessary energy). And if you run out of sunlight during those long winter nights with no cable television? All it takes is plugging in your trusty USB cord into its port and attaching it onto one of those old car cigarette lighters for some extra juice!

A silicone mattress cover that is also waterproof and breathable, with a 4″ elastic base

silicone mattress cover waterproof

A silicone mattress cover that is also waterproof and breathable, with a 4″ elastic base. This mattress cover can be used for camping or sleeping, as well as other activities such as lounging on the couch in your underpants.

The material is designed to keep you comfortable without overheating or feeling clammy. It’s versatile enough that you can use it even when camping if you want to be more comfortable than sleeping on grass would allow.

Lint rollers that have a built-in LED and can be attached to your keychain

  • Lint Rollers that have a built-in LED and can be attached to your keychain.
  • These are called Lint Rollers because they are shaped like a keychain, but they take the concept of lint rollers to the next level. They’ve combined the functionality of a lint roller with the convenience of a flashlight—which means you can use it in any situation where you need both hands free, like when trying to fly an airplane or do surgery on yourself (or someone else). The name “Lint Roller” is an homage to their shape, which resembles that classic piece of everyday plastic we all have lying around—the old school keychain-sized one that has one side covered in adhesive for picking up pet fur and dust bunnies from floors and couch cushions; or maybe an upgrade model with two sides: one for collecting dirt from carpets or clothing (that’s what most people use them for), while another side has sticky tape so you can hang posters without having anything visible showing through them (and then just peel off afterwards). Or maybe even three sides! Imagine how handy that would be!

Charging docks for your phone shaped like cat heads that put you in speaker mode when you plug them in

You may have heard of Neko Works, the company that makes furry cat-head phone chargers. These products are so popular that they have become an object of their own kind: “nekomodos”—a name that references both the brand and the fact that they look like giant cat heads.

The nekomodos are cute, but they’re also functional: The built-in speaker and microphone mean you can use them in place of an actual smartphone speaker or Bluetooth headset. And it helps your phone charge faster because it has its own power supply built right into it! You don’t need to plug two separate devices into the wall anymore—just plug one thing into another thing, which is great for people who aren’t very good at using their hands or people who don’t want cords everywhere because they’re too lazy (or maybe both).

So, if you’re looking for something new and exciting without breaking the bank on fancy electronics, check out NekoWorks’ offerings today!

Bathtub trays that double as book stands

Bathtub trays

Bathtub trays can be used for a variety of purposes. They can be used as book stands, places to set your phone and tablet, or even places to put drinks. This makes them the perfect addition to any bathroom that doesn’t have room for a proper bookshelf.

If you’re looking for an easy way to add some style and functionality to your bathroom, look no further than bathtub trays!

The Mat – a space saving kitchen mat and plate holder in one

kitchen plate holder

The Mat is a genius product that combines a kitchen mat and plate holder in one. It’s made of silicone and can be used in either the kitchen or bathroom. The Mat is dishwasher safe, easy to clean, easy to store, easy to transport and easy to use!

The best part about this product is that it allows you to save space by combining two objects into one. If you live in a small apartment or house, then this may be exactly what you need!

Toothbrushes with built-in microchips that upload your brushing stats to the internet every time you use one (and can tell you if your mouth is too wet or too dry)

If you’ve ever been frustrated by the fact that your toothbrush’s only function is to clean teeth, then this is the product for you. It has a microchip that uploads your brushing stats to the internet every time you use one (and can tell you if your mouth is too wet or too dry). It’s also solar powered so you never have to worry about dead batteries. Unfortunately, this product isn’t available for purchase yet—but it soon will be!

Extra-long umbrellas so you never have to worry about getting hit by rain on your way to work again

Extra-long umbrellas

You know what sucks? Getting rained on. You know what else sucks? Having to deal with an umbrella that’s too short, flimsy, expensive, small and hard to use—or even worse: one that’s too heavy.

Luckily for you, we’ve found a solution: extra-long umbrellas. These bad boys are everything you’d want and more in an umbrella—they’re sturdy, they’re always there when you need them, and they won’t break your back just by looking at them (instead of being made of some kind of material like steel rods or carbon fiber).

A smartphone-controlled door lock that has a retinal scanner for security access, but also lets you open it with any NFC device. Oh, and it’s solar powered so you never have to worry about dead batteries either

smartphone-controlled door lock

Welcome to the world of overkill. Here, we’re going to be talking about some of the most advanced and over-the-top tech gadgets that will make your life easier. Whether you’re trying to keep intruders out, or just want more convenience in your life, these products are sure to please.

First up: The Door Lock with Everything You Need! Not only does this smart lock come with a retinal scanner for security access, but it also lets you open it with any NFC device (like your smartphone). Oh yeah—it’s solar powered so you never have to worry about dead batteries either! To use the lock, simply tap an NFC device—such as an iPhone 7 Plus—to the top of the keypad (which doubles as a fingerprint reader). After doing so, enter in your new four-digit pin number (you can choose any number between one through nine) and press “Open”. Your phone will vibrate once when successfully authenticated; if there was no success authenticating then double check that both devices are still connected correctly before trying again. If all else fails, then try pairing both devices again by entering “0000” into each respective digital pad then pressing “Confirm Pin Code” on each side simultaneously until they both blink green simultaneously which means they’re ready for authentication again!

These unbelievable overkill objects will change the way you do things forever

If you’re looking for the most overkill objects available on the market, look no further. We’ve compiled a list of our top 10 overkill objects that will change the way you do things forever!

These unbelievable overkill objects will change the way you do things forever!

From overkill fidget spinners to overkill USB cables, you’re sure to find something here that will make your life easier. And to help you find the perfect object for any occasion, each product comes with a short description of why it’s so overkill. So go ahead! Scroll down and have fun!


So, there you have it. We’ve covered some of the most awesome overkill objects in this world. From headlamps that double as buttons, to toothbrushes that upload your brushing stats to the internet every time you use one (and can tell if your mouth is too wet or dry), these products will change the way you do things forever! Thanks for reading our blog post about the top ten overkill objects from around the world, we hope you enjoyed reading about them as much as we did write about them.

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