15 Outdoor Family Photo Clothing Ideas For Adults And Kids

I bet the very first thing you would like to know about this post is "What are outdoor family photo clothing ideas?", and a second would be what's in store. Well, I'll spare you the suspense. You'll find out soon enough!

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outdoor family photo clothing ideas

What are your favorite outfits for outdoor family photo sessions?

There are so many things to take into consideration when taking a family photo shoot. What to wear, what time of day, where to go and more. But the most important element is actually who you’re going with and how comfortable they feel in front of the camera.

With that in mind, we want to share some outdoor family photo clothing ideas for your next photoshoot! We will touch on what makes an outfit successful for photos and how you can wow your viewers at home.

It’s finally the time of year to start getting those summer outfits together!

We’ve compiled a list of 15 of our favorite outdoor family photo clothing ideas so you can gather your troops and get shooting!

The 15 Outdoor Family Photo Clothing Ideas

1) Vest dresses

Perfect for hot days or layering with something lighter. For both girls and boys, they give an adorable “country” vibe, with a posh touch.

2) Dresses

If you think about it, any dress can be for boys and girls. You can make a dress more boyish by using a bold color, like blue or green, or put on some patches to make it fun!

3) Jumpers

You know how they look so adorable? Well they are! Use a bun or pigtails on the girls and in combination with vest dresses (with belts), you will have some great looks.

4) Shorts

It’s a great idea to get the girls in shorts because they look so adorable! Of course you can also get them in dresses or leg warmers, but shorts seem to have more fun personalities.

5) Shirts

You can get cute shirts for your boys and girls alike. They work well as dress-up clothes too! Once again, use bold colors like blue and green, but make sure the clothes are light and easy to take care of (if you’re using them for outdoor photos).

6) Workout Gear

This might not be a traditional choice, but if you’re trying to get some serious shots with your gym-loving kids, it’s a great idea!

7) Sweaters

For those adorable family photos on chilly days, sweaters are an adorable option.

8) Flower Crowns and Headbands

A classic for little girls, of course you can also use flower crowns for boys (and adults too!). They look extremely nice in nature shots.

9) Sets

Sometimes it’s better to have all of your family members in matching sets, it just makes for a more fun and colorful photo.

10) Jewelry

If you’re looking for something fun, consider getting the little ones in ponytails and add some jewelry!

11) Sunglasses

This one is an interesting one. We think sunglasses are a great option that adds a little bit of edge to the image. It gives you a sense that they’re busy and creative and not just your typical kids.

12) Hats

Of course all of the kids run around in hats. But if you want to get some interesting shots, you can also get a few in different styles. The most important thing is that they look good no matter where you are in your photo shoot.

13) Handmade Accessories

Last but not least, if you have time on your hands, go with something hand-made for your family photos! This will give them a personal touch and make them look extra special.

14) Stairs

One last one that looks absolutely adorable is stairs, especially if you have a mother and daughter team.

15) Swimming Pool

If you’re going to get in the water, it’s best to do so under the watchful eye of mom. Either way, a swimsuit is an absolute must!


We hope this was helpful! We know that making some good pictures with your family can be a little stressful and time consuming, but these ideas will make it all easier. Now go out there and get those good shots!


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