How to Turn off Business Account on Instagram – A Detailed Guide

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How to Turn off Business Account on Instagram

If you’re running a business on Instagram, it’s important that your followers know that. The first step in doing so is turning off the business account.

However, there’s no way to switch back and forth between personal and business accounts without going through each individual user individually—and that would take time (and some coordination).

Luckily, there’s an easier way: just switch back and forth between personal and business accounts using your profile icon! This will change automatically when you log out of one type or another.

I created this guide and took all the step images from my own Instagram business account. I switched/turned off my Instagram business account to a personal account for you to make it easier. Learn how I do it:

How to Turn off Business Account on Instagram

Step 1# Login your Instagram account and go to your profile page (tap your profile picture) like given bellow image.

go to profile page

Step 2# Tap the gear icon in the top right side and then tap “Settings” like below image.

go to settings

Step 3# Tap “Account“.

step 3

Step 4# Scroll down.

step 4

Step 5# Tap “Switch account type“.

step 5

Step 6# Tap “Switch to personal account“.step 6

Step 7# This is the final step that you can turn off your Instagram business account. Just tap “Switch to personal account” once appear a option like given below image.
step 7

You don’t have to worry, just follow my above image and you can do it easily.

How to turn off personal account on Instagram

If you can turn off your business account, you can turn off your personal account easily because you can do that the same way. Just follow above images which I took from my own Instagram account.

You can choose to keep your archived Stories or not.

You can delete your archived Stories if you want. If this is an option for you, open the Instagram app on your phone and tap the three dots in the top right corner of each story that appears when viewing a user’s profile page. From there, select “Delete Story” from the menu that appears at bottom of screen (you’ll need to have previously deleted at least one story). You’ll then be prompted with another screen asking whether or not you’d like to remove all stored stories from storage once more!

Tap OK.

To confirm that you no longer want to use a business account on Instagram, press OK. You will be asked to confirm your decision and give your consent (if necessary). If you change your mind later, it’s easy to switch back: just go into Settings > Businesses & Pages > Manage Business Accounts.

If you decide not to delete any of these settings but still want access to them as an individual user, simply log out of Instagram before logging in again as an individual user.


Instagram is a great platform for businesses to share their products and services with customers. However, it can be challenging for businesses to manage multiple accounts on Instagram at once. This article will help you get started with business accounts on Instagram before going into detail about how to turn off business account on Instagram.


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